Cloud VoIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Cloud VoIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses. In this day and age, with everything moving to the cloud these days, it seems like phone systems are no exception. Cloud-based business phone systems is an advanced technology system that runs entirely on the internet. IP phone services convert your analog voice signals to digital packets and vice versa during transmission.

Cloud VoIP Phone Systems for Small Businesses

Traditional landline phone system infrastructure is being switched out with computers becoming more powerful and affordable, allowing VoIP providers to improve quality, reliability, and functionality. This combination of factors has prompted a surge in cloud VoIP phone systems for small businesses.

Let us uncover the top reasons why cloud-based phone systems like VoIP are so popular with small businesses.

Cloud VoIP Phone Systems For Small Businesses

No Equipment to Maintain

One of the many distinguishing characteristics between a cloud phone system and an on-site VoIP system is where the hardware is stored. The equipment includes a PBX server and a switch that prioritizes traffic to maintain your quality of service.

Most VoIP providers usually procure and maintain all of the phone system equipment. Businesses that use cloud-based phone systems don’t have to purchase or maintain any of this expensive equipment which helps small businesses save in many ways.

  • Lower upfront fees to set up a phone system
  • No unexpected repair or replacement costs when the hardware fails.
  • Not having to employ a dedicated IT team to maintain the hardware or customize the software.

Unified Communications

With a traditional phone system, the features it includes are often limited and expensive. Cloud-based phone systems,s on the other hand, can consolidate all of their business communications in one place. It includes voicemail, instant messaging, web applications, internal tools like a CRM, and more.

Powerful VoIP Features

Cloud-based phone system features can unify all business communication in one place, and additional features can be added for reasonable prices. These include advanced features like customizable on-hold music and marketing messages, speed dialing, contact directories, voicemail notifications, multi-way conferencing, and much more.

With cloud VoIP phone systems, small businesses can provide customers with a professional greeting when customers call their company.

Traditional phone systems might include these features, but usually, it is at a price point that is out of reach for a small business.

Long Distance Calls

Long-distance calls become free or extremely low with the VoIP phone system

For a small business with a relatively low call volume, long-distance changes can easily add up. Small businesses pay huge phone bills every month for built-in long-distance coverage fees with a traditional phone provider. That is why small businesses opt to use cloud VoIP phone systems where long-distance fees don’t exist.

Lower Phone Bills

Small businesses can sometimes save as much as 70% on their phone bill. From not having to pay for long-distance calls, and buying or maintaining equipment to not having to pay for extra phone lines, cloud VoIP phone systems support a large number of users for one small, flat fee.

Business Integrations

Improve customer service with business integrations using CRM with VoIP system

When integrating with your business applications, even the best traditional phone lines can compete with a cloud-based phone system.

For instance, if you own a shop and one of your customers calls to make last-minute changes to their order. You will only see a caller ID, phone number, and possibly a name on a traditional phone system.

A cloud-based system would display the customer’s entire record on your desktop screen or phone. You’d see their full customer data, previous interactions, outstanding balances, and of course, their order. It enables you even to send a follow-up text after the call to confirm the order changes.

Superior Functionality

With a cloud system, you can answer your business phone regardless of your location as long as you have an internet connection. This is possible with the ring anywhere functionality that works easily.

When a customer calls your business phone number, your desk phone and mobile will ring simultaneously, and you can choose which one to answer.  You can even transfer calls between devices from your desktop to your mobile while you are in transit.

Suppose the pandemic has taught us that working remotely is important to keep your business afloat during travel restrictions. With various cloud VoIP phone system features, businesses have been working remotely and collaborating effectively.

Using a cloud VoIP phone system for small businesses is especially beneficial since it saves you all the costs related to renting an office space, office equipment, and other costs related to owning a physical office.

Final Words

As a business owner, you might have your hands full, but you shouldn’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty details of maintaining a phone system. The cloud-based phone system allows you to set it and forget it, with an easy-to-navigate configuration if you want to customize or change something.

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